4 ways to be proactive when everyone else is on holiday


It might be Christmas, but the most ambitious of you will be finding ways of hitting the ground running with your funding round as soon as the New Year is in. Here’s how:

Fill up your January CalendarEvents

It’s still not too late to get some meetings in the diary in January. The best way to do this is to make your way through your matches, starting from the top. We recommend filling in and sending them a Match Capital Highlights template to get their attention, then suggesting a date towards the end of January.


Come to the MatchUp Event

If you want to learn about how to prove to investors that you are investor ready, (not to mention meet some rockstar investors), make sure you RSVP yes to the MatchUp event. It’s on 14th Jan from 6.30pm, and is proving to be very popular indeed. (If you’re not on the guestlist, click “contact the organiser”, and if you’re an entrepreneur or one of our profiled investors then we’ll give you access to the event’s page).


Record a Video Pitch

clapper boardIn February we will be opening up the platform to allow investors to browse our entrepreneurs’ profiles (only once you have approved this, of course!). We are excited to bring you a new platform that allows you to record a video pitch of you answering 8 common investment questions, all the while demonstrating your likability/dedication/professionalism/knowledge (delete as appropriate). This will be launching early next year, so have your pitch pre recorded to go live on day 1! Plus, everyone that records their pitch will be in with a chance of pitching at the MatchUp. To record your video pitch, click here and follow the simple instructions.


Answer a Founder Focus email

It’ll only take 15 minutes to complete and will give you a lot more than 15 minutes of fame! Be one of our featured entrepreneurs in an interview to your fellow subscribers with a Q&A about your current round, how it’s going/gone, pain points and advice you would offer other entrepreneurs.  As a thank you we’ll circulate it to founders and investors alike. Simply email daisy@matchcapitaluk.com with the email subject: Founders Focus.


Improve your Match Capital profile

We mentioned earlier that next year we’ll be opening up entrepreneurs’ profiles for our registered investors to browse. We will of course give our members plenty of notice, but in the meantime, Christmas is a great time to improve your Match Capital profile. Those of you will more than 500 words in your company summaries will be getting much more accurate results (and therefore attracting more relevant investors to your profile) than those of you with less. Same goes for those of you that have only selected 1 sector. In fact, if you want to play around with your 3 sectors, you will see different results. Lastly, weigh up your metrics and be sure that they are realistic. Read about the science of it here or log in to improve your profile right away.



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