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Angels4LifeSciences (Website)Angels4LifeSciences

Angels4LifeSciences (A4LS) was established in 2012 to help overcome the perceived challenges of investing in early-stage life sciences companies. A4LS is a not-for-profit nationwide network that provides angels with the opportunity to assess life science businesses that have already been selected by industry experts, and that have the endorsement that comes from having already secured a cornerstone investor and an experienced business mentor. The objective of A4LS is to provide a means of communication between private investors and companies seeking investment capital in the small, high growth potential business sector. A4LS operates as an information service, providing a platform for investors seeking equity investment opportunities, to meet entrepreneurs and companies seeking investment, and enabling investors to receive information on investment opportunities of interest to them.


Archangels (Website) (LinkedInArchangels

Originally formed in 1992 and based in Edinburgh, Archangels is a prominent business angel syndicate which has been at the forefront of early stage investing in Scotland for more than two decades. Today, Archangels comprises more than 60 investor members and typically co-ordinates the investment of more than £10 million per year in early stage Scottish companies. The Archangels syndicate predominantly invests in companies from the technology, software and life sciences sectors – three markets in which Scotland produces a wealth of talent. The syndicate and its executive team have wide experience in diverse business sectors and disciplines to help and support the creation and development of young companies to maximise investor return.


Cambridge Angels (Website) (LinkedInCambridge Angel

They invest in solutions that address major problems for significantly large target markets (i.e. a market size of £100m+). Your company must demonstrate a strategy to claim significant market share or revenue. There are plenty of great business ideas – but not all businesses will generate returns that justify angel investor funding. Cambridge Angels look for companies that can grow quickly and manage the scale necessary to succeed. Your company must demonstrate a plan to generate significant profits beyond the initial product idea. Do you have a strategy to achieve multiple sources of revenue? Cambridge Angels also require well-conceived financial projections, based on sound assumptions, demonstrating consistent profits and cash flow growth. They prefer to invest in first-of-a-kind new ideas, rather than incremental enhancements to common products and services. Is this a nice-to-have, or a need-to-have product or service? However, they approach highly complex, esoteric technologies with caution. The concept behind the technology must be proven and verifiable. Further, they avoid science projects that don’t demonstrate a clear path to commercialization.


Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN) (Website) (LinkedInHBAN

HBAN is a joint initiative of InterTrade Ireland and Enterprise Ireland, dedicated to the all-island promotion of business angel investment. The HBAN umbrella group supports the early stage entrepreneurial community across the island of Ireland and actively works to increase the number of angel investors investing in early stage companies. The all-island umbrella group works on a regional basis to support the formation of new angel networks and works with existing angel networks to develop their capability and capacity, and across a range of industry sectors. HBAN also acts as a voice to Government, stakeholders, business and the media to promote the interests and needs of the wider angel investment community.

In order to raise funding ideally, your company should meet the following criteria:

  • A product that is ready for commercialisation.

  • Pre-revenue is considered however some early market traction is preferred.

  • A management team with relevant experience.

  • An identifiable market opportunity.

  • An internationally scalable business model.

  • Headquartered in Ireland

  • In one of the following sectors – Technology, MedTech, AgriTech or Food

Vaibhv Gaur (181 Posts)

Vaibhv is Head of Business Analysis and Data Management at Match Capital. Vaibhv keeps an eye on deals happening in the venture capital industry – tracking the key players to grow our database of investors.

Vaibhv is Head of Business Analysis and Data Management at Match Capital. Vaibhv keeps an eye on deals happening in the venture capital industry – tracking the key players to grow our database of investors.

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