We are nearing the end of this series of blogs on investors whose titles include SEIS, EIS, seed, early, start or angel. If you are looking for more information regarding the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (“SEIS”) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”), please visit The EIS Association (EISA).

The EIS Association (EISA) is the official trade body for the Enterprise Investment Scheme. EISA is a highly effective not for profit organisation which exists to aid the provision of capital to UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).  EISA works closely with HM Treasury, HM Revenue and Customs, Government Ministers, MPs and the FCA to enhance the EIS and promote the benefits of the scheme to investors and companies using EIS/SEIS and their respective advisers.

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We’ve picked a further 3 investors this week to showcase who looks at early stage investment opportunities. With over 1000 sources of equity capital to choose from at Match Capital, we’re sure you’ll find your perfect “match”.  Just sign up ( today or log back in ( if you’re already a subscriber.


Start Capital (Website)Start Capital

Start Capital is a global seed and early stage investment company.  They are looking for fast-growth companies with visionary entrepreneurs looking to create and serve tomorrow’s needs. Start Capital is an active investor and assists startups in their fundraising. Beyond capital, early-stage companies need guidance and support.  They provide it with their expertise and a strong network to assist our startups. From consumer internet and digital media to biotechnology, they are looking for opportunities that will improve and disrupt their industries.


Social Starts (Website) (LinkedIn)SocialStarts

Social Starts is a $60M+ venture capital partnership that invests in the moment-of-inception and Series A financing rounds of companies that leverage social and mobile technologies to drive generational changes in consumer and business behavior. They call this The Social Construct and believe it represents an innovation and disruption opportunity on par with the Industrial Revolution. They invest in 4 primary areas: content, analytics, work platforms and Internet of Things software. Across these areas they focus on mobile commerce, data security and health care technology. Their team has developed dominant media, research and tech companies in the 3 modern tech revolutions – PC, Internet and Social. Their portfolio companies benefit from the resulting rich perspective and world-class connections, a mutually supportive community of more than 170 fellow startups, and support from their LPs, who include leading figures in software development, marketing and media from 3 continents. Unlike most venture capital firms, Social Starts maintains two separate sets of funds – moment-of-inception funds and Series A funds – because these two points are where investors derive the greatest value creation.


Angel CoFund (Website) (Linkedin)Angel Cofund

The Angel CoFund is a £100m investment fund with objectives to back promising UK businesses and help develop the important business angel investment market.

Launched in November 2011, the fund makes initial investments of between £100K and £1M, alongside syndicates of business angels in order to support high potential businesses and give them the capital they need to develop and propel growth. Since launch the fund has invested and committed in excess of £24M, alongside a further £95M from business angels and other investors, providing support for 54 companies. The fund retains 100% follow-on capacity.  The fund invests across the UK and will consider proposals for businesses at all stages of development and in most sectors, provided they qualify as an SME. The critical criterion in securing investment from the CoFund is the presence of a strong group or syndicate of private angel investors who are looking to make a good commercial investment.


Our mission at Match Capital is to help entrepreneurs and business owners get the funding they need to survive, and grow. We believe that networking opportunities only offer a limited scope and access to capital, hence why we have built a relevance algorithm which digitally matches entrepreneurs to investors. Our platform looks at the investor universe through the eyes of the entrepreneur, to provide a panoramic view of the investing community, with the ability to reach out to those investors who best match the entrepreneurs investment opportunity. (


Vaibhv Gaur (181 Posts)

Vaibhv is Head of Business Analysis and Data Management at Match Capital. Vaibhv keeps an eye on deals happening in the venture capital industry – tracking the key players to grow our database of investors.

Vaibhv is Head of Business Analysis and Data Management at Match Capital. Vaibhv keeps an eye on deals happening in the venture capital industry – tracking the key players to grow our database of investors.

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