Entrepreneur & Startup Clusters Outside of London


London may be at the heart of the thriving UK tech startup scene, but they’re certainly not having it all their own way. All over Britain, entrepreneur and startup clusters are springing up in search of their own little slice of the pie. While Silicon Roundabout is London’s hub for startups, here are four fresh faced challengers keen to dislodge the capital’s tech crown.


While it might not be the biggest startup hub outside of London, Cardiff’s burgeoning tech scene is growing year-on-year. Cardiff is now joint-second with Nottingham in terms of growth of GDP thanks to an influx of exciting and innovative companies

Cardiff also has the UK’s second highest proportion of people working in creative industries. Both Dr Who and Sherlock are filmed locally and a new Pinewood studios is being built nearby.

There are also excellent transport links with the rest of the UK and a central location which means you can be in London, Bristol or Birmingham in less than two hours.

Bristol and Bath

Separated by just 15 miles are the startup clusters of Bristol and Bath. This tech hub has been highlighted as “globally significant” in the industry, and with 1,100 tech companies across such a small area, it’s easy to see why.

A convenient location and excellent infrastructure have transformed the area into a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity. Bristol currently boasts Just Eat, Somo and Huawei, while Bath is home to Future, one of the largest media and publishing groups in the UK.

The North East

Sunderland is the UK’s software capital with 1,400 companies producing the software that makes other companies tick. There is plenty of depth to the talent pool with 3,000 coding club participants and 55 code clubs in the area. Sunderland Software City has also been created to support the growth of the industry.

A host of established businesses have also moved to the area. The software giant Sage is currently headquartered in Newcastle, while HP, Accenture and most recently HMRC have all joined the North East’s flourishing tech scene.


The capital’s coastal neighbour is currently in the midst of a tech cluster boom, fuelled by an abundance of creative companies, tech startups and digital marketing firms. At last count, the average tech company was growing by 14 percent every year, so expect to hear plenty more about Brighton in the next few years.

It’s not hard to see why small firms are attracted to the easy way of life on the south coast, and with the big US tech company Dyn also joining the party, the future certainly looks bright on the shores of bohemia.

Are you part of an exciting entrepreneurial cluster? Is there significant tech growth in your city? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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