Introducing the Match Capital Team… Meet CTO Jagadeesh Gorla


When we needed to create an intelligent algorithm to accurately match businesses and entrepreneurs with investors, there really was only one man for the job… That man was Jagadeesh Gorla.

STAFF AT MATCH CAPITALIn the early days of Match Capital, co-founders Peter and Matt struggled to find the right staff to propel the company forward. Thankfully, all this changed when they met their new chief technology officer in waiting.

Jagadeesh is a Microsoft Research Cambridge Ph.D. scholar in Search, Recommender and Machine Learning. He has also previously worked at Runescape and was part of the team that built the Xbox recommender matching systems – which have benefited millions of users.

This rich experience, complemented by published work and presenting spots at prestigious conferences in academia and industry, has seen Jagadeesh become one of the world’s leading authorities on information matching systems.

So it’s safe to say that Jagadeesh is the brains behind the Match Capital algorithm and the reason why our investor-entrepreneur matches are so accurate and successful. Never one to rest on his laurels, Jagadeesh is now committed to the continuous improvement of our algorithm.

Jagadeesh’s work helps entrepreneurs access what is effectively a fairly well ‘hidden’ group of people – i.e. investors and venture capitalists. Furthermore, it allows busy entrepreneurs and businesses to reduce the time they spend conducting endless investor searches.

Entrepreneurs can instead find relevant investors, based on specific search criteria, who are genuinely likely to invest in their business. A large part of this is thanks to Jagadeesh.

Match Capital is a platform algorithmically connecting entrepreneurs with relevant investors.

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