Introducing the Match Capital Team… Meet our Head of Business Analysis and Data Management- Vaibhv Gaur



Introducing the Match Capital Team- Vaibhv Gaur.


Vaibhv Gaur (2)With an impressive string of qualifications, incredibly personable demeanour and strong team ethic, it didn’t take long for Vaibhv to become an integral part of the Match Capital team upon joining in August 2012 – Only a month or two after Peter and Matt had founded the company, and a few short weeks after Vaibhv graduated with an MBA from the Business School of the University of Greenwich.

Prior to his MBA, Vaibhv obtained a degree in Information Technology and gained wide-ranging experience working in the technology sector, including a stint with CDAC (Centre for Development of Advance Computing, India) – The premier R&D organisation under the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt of India.

Put simply, Vaibhv’s role is to turn raw data into meaningful information, whilst putting the practical steps in place to turn the ideas he and the team have into reality.

The process begins with the collection of raw data about investment groups. This is then inspected, cleaned, transformed and modelled, with the aim of generating useful and insightful information about them, before summarising the findings to support the decision making process. At the same time, Vaibhv keeps an eye on deals happening in the venture capital industry – tracking the key players from them to grow our database of investors.

On the technology side, his role is preparing accurate and detailed requirement specifications documents, user interface guides, and functional specification documents.

When he’s not busy beavering away here at Match Capital, Vaibhv can be found mentoring new MBA graduates, indulging his love of music, sports or exploring the city of London.


Match Capital is a platform algorithmically connecting entrepreneurs with relevant investors.

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