Investor Focus: Week 1


We often get asked by small companies whether we can introduce them to Angel Investors or High Net Worth Individuals to invest into their early financing rounds. Angels and HNWs are a dispersed bunch, so can be more difficult to track down, whereas there are a large range of funds with very public investment criteria, from whom it might be easier to extract a response. To help with this, we’ve decided to start a blog series called #InvestorFocus, where we give you a range of investors, their investment activity, and the kinds of businesses in to which they are investing.


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Here are a few big names you might be surprised to see as investors in early stage rounds:

Balderton Capital

Balderton makes initial investments of anywhere from $100k up to $20m. They are not particularly sector specific, but are looking for big markets which are ripe for disruption. They typically like to invest in the early stages of a business, and continue to support it throughout the various stages of its existence.

EC1 Capital

EC1 generally invests in early stage web and mobile businesses primarily located between London, Dublin and Edinburgh. They typically invest at seed and series A stages of between £50k and £500k per investment. 

Passion Capital

Passion Capital’s average seed round investment in its first two years was £183,717 (generally focused on UK based digital media and technology companies).

Earlybird Venture Capital

Earlybird Venture Capital likes to look for investments across Europe which create network effects, so tends to go for companies that have a global profile. Investments range from $300k up to $15m.

Episode 1

Episode1 looks to invest anything from £200k to £1m in UK based software companies, with early stage revenues and large addressable markets.

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