Investor Focus Week 9


It’s now week 9 of our Investor Focus series here on the Match Capital blog, and we have another great set of investors to introduce you to.

Narrowed down from over 750 profiled investors on our platform, here’s a fantastic five for your perusal, looking to invest anywhere from £20k to £20m!


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Jam Jar Investments

Jam Jar Invests in European based tech, offline, consumer services and products, because this is where they can help the most. They invest in early stage businesses, typically Seed or Series A but will also do Growth deals. They invest  £150k-£1m in an initial round, with the ability to follow up if relevant. They are happy to lead and/or to invest alongside others and often work with other VC’s to participate in rounds.

Antal Ventures

Their typical investments fall into 4 broad areas: Business Services, Property, Retail, Fasion & Luxury & Information Technology.  The size of investment depends on the exact nature of the business, the stage of the cycle (either start-up, established) and the amount of equity (minority or majority). They also have access to a number of high net worth private investors in addition to their own resources as well as access to institutional funding. The type of investment they make is generally centred around the following criteria: Start up capital; Joint Ventures; Buyout and development / expansion funding; Business turnaround; and Angel investing.

Northwest Business Angels

Northwest Business Angels offers an equity based finance solution of between £20,000 and £500,000 to start up, expand or help build up a healthy profit. Company must be located in the Northwest – covering Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire and Cumbria, or be willing to re-locate. Not only that, the company should also demonstrate competitive advantage – a clear technological advantage, a novel product or service or innovative distribution channel.

Lucey Technology Fund

Lucey loves Startups. They invest in entrepreneurs who understand their industry, but who haven’t worked in technology before. They fund the acceleration of these startups by funding the development of their first scalable, secure, fully-viable product, affording the founder time to do what they’re best at; running the business. They pride themselves on removing the headaches from research and development.

Iris Capital

Iris Capital proactively look for companies which have the potential to be leaders in their domestic and international market. They invest in experienced teams, cutting edge technologies, high-growth markets and business models that are viable and sustainable. Iris Capital invests at different stages: from effective start of revenue generation to growth capital for profitable companies. They invest between 1M and 20M euros per company.

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