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You could be forgiven for thinking that nowadays, investors are looking for reasons not to invest. The reality is that there is intense competition amongst start-ups for funding. So successful fundraising is all about proving that you are ready for investment. Here is a checklist to help increase your chances of success:

  • Ensure your company value proposition is clearly articulated and differentiated.
  • Identify any issues that may arise during due diligence and have a plan to mitigate them. There is often quite a lot to cover in any due diligence process and it’s important to have things in order to ensure this isn’t unnecessarily prolonged.
  • Compile an accurate and compelling investment memorandum. Those of you in e-commerce will know that it is ultimately metric based and this starts with clearly identifying your addressable market, how you are going to get to them and how the economics are going to work in terms of customer acquisition costs, average order value, margins, etc. Summarise this in a one pager of “highlights” that you can send out to relevant investors.
  • Identify suitable target investors, introduce the investment opportunity (with your one pager of “highlights” and any kind of warm intro via LinkedIn, if possible) and establish meetings.

At Match Capital, we have expanded our service to not only make personal introductions to our extensive network of investors, but also to help start ups to get investor ready. This includes doing everything from reviewing your metrics and preparing you for due diligence, to perfecting your investment memorandum and getting you in the room with relevant investors. Collectively this year, the team has helped 6 companies raise funds totaling in excess of £10m. The investor readiness process usually takes our team an average of 2-3 weeks.



For investor readiness preparation and offline capital raising service: Case dependent but typically less than £5,000 for the initial preparatory work. These costs will be deducted from any success fees generated. Success fees are 5% of investment secured.

For offline capital raising service only: 5% success fee of investment secured.


If you or anyone you know might be interested in investment help from Match Capital, please email

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