Match Capital Invited To Judge London Business School Tradeshow


This evening, Peter Walsh, founder of Match Capital, will be part of a fantastic event that is the London Business School Tradeshow. He’ll be part of a panel of early stage investors and entrepreneurs judging 64 teams of MBA students, who are presenting the projects they’ve been working on over the term.

The students work in teams to select an opportunity that they then exhibit at the show, and pitch their ideas to each other.

The London Business School MBA program is ranked among the world top 3 by the Financial Times and it’s our pleasure to be invited to be part of the school’s 2014 Tradeshow.

Match Capital is a platform algorithmically connecting entrepreneurs with relevant investors.

  • John A

    Do you have a link to the actual Tradeshow? I imagine the London Biz School would be promoting this; and the specific projects of the 64 teams? Thanks Match Capital!

  • Peter Walsh

    Hi John, it was more of an internal exercise for the students as part of their entrepreneurship course. A group of external judges chose 1 winner from 5 streams of 13, and then they went out and celebrated in good student fashion :-)

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