The Science Behind It All


Match Capital was set up to bring a digital and technological influence into the world of raising venture and growth capital. No other investment platform uses data science to benefit both entrepreneur and investor. For the first time, there is an online platform which looks at the investor landscape through the eyes of the entrepreneur, giving him tools to identify the most relevant investors for his investment proposition, as well as the ability to connect with them, while minimising the time spent away from the day to day running of the business itself. And it really works: so far, Match Capital’s platform has successfully helped subscribers raise more than £6m to date.

Our Algorithm

Jagadeesh GorlaIt is all powered by an algorithm developed by Microsoft Research Cambridge Ph.D. scholar Jagadeesh Gorla. Having been part of the team that built the XBox recommender and matching systems that are used by millions of users, Jagadeesh is one the world’s top information matching scientists, and has built an impressively accurate system that recognises how relevant an investor is to an entrepreneur.

The platform generates results by pulling ever changing data from an extensive number of internal and publicly available resources. It uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to assess keywords from data on both party websites, portfolios’ websites and investment deal news sources, thus allowing start-ups and early stage companies of all kinds, and from all sectors, to match with potential suitors in a matter of seconds. It algorithmically ‘learns’ the preferences of both businesses looking for investment and investors looking for opportunities, which means the entrepreneur’s “matches” are always improving over time.

It even recognises live deal flow: active, occasional and dormant investors are all automatically allocated different weightings by the algorithm, drawing investment news and history from data sources such as Techcrunch, Crunchbase, CB Insights, Forbes’ Term Sheet, and other deal announcement platforms.

The platform even tells them how they, or anyone in their company, might be linked to each investment group or platform through LinkedIn’s API, making introductions really easy.

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There’s no one else doing what we’re doing and that’s why the Financial Times recently crowned us “Innovation to Watch”.

Match Capital is a platform algorithmically connecting entrepreneurs with relevant investors.

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