Introducing the Match Capital Team…Meet Cofounder Matt Hobbis


Matt Hobbis left school at the age of 16 to enter working life and make waves in the shipping industry. After serving his time as a ‘junior dogsbody’ (his words) at Howard Houlders Shipping Company, he then decided that enough was enough, and flew off to broaden his horizons in Asia, Australia and America.


Unfortunately, even in the late 80s the joy of travelling didn’t come for free, and before long Matt was back at Howard Houlders to pay off his travelling.

From 1990, Matt started to flex his business muscle and began working in emerging markets for a number of well established finance companies across the globe. It was this understanding of developing markets which led to the conception of Match Capital during a lunch meeting with cofounder Peter Walsh.

What makes Match Capital such a unique business is the appetite Matt and Peter share for helping new companies grow. There are plenty of investors out there, but never before has such an intelligent algorithm been created to match growing businesses and entrepreneurs to investors with a track record of investing in particular types of business. Now potential suitors can be found in minutes.




Match Capital is a platform algorithmically connecting entrepreneurs with relevant investors.

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