Maximise Networking Events


Networking events, love them or hate them, can be an important part of doing business. ‘Getting yourself out there’  is something everyone has to do to grow their company. When it comes to finding funding however, how effective are networking events?

If you do get lucky and find somebody you think can help you grow your business, in many cases the first and last time you hear from them will be at the event.

Networking to find an investor

If you are going to networking events to find an investor, make sure you prepare ahead. It’s not a cheap day out: The entry tickets might be free, but sometimes are prohibitively expensive, then there’s the train fare, lattes, lunch, another latte followed by a few drinks and dinner. Before you know it you’ve spent your monthly marketing budget as a startup in less than 24 hours.

Attending events makes you feel productive. You meet a load of new people, pick up a bunch of cards, watch some speeches and attend some seminars. But how many of these events turn into fruitful opportunities for financing your business?

Is taking an entire day to find someone, who may or may not actually be interested in funding your company, productive?

As all business owners will tell you, how businesses operate now is very different to how they used to run even just a few years ago. Embrace technology to improve legacy processes and you’ll never look back.

Maximise Networking Events

We’re working hard to disrupt the way you can find the right people to talk to, to get the funding you need. Rather than attending networking events hoping to meet someone who can help you with your raise, use Match Capital to profile your business, get your highest scoring investors ranked in order of relevance, then find how you’re connected to them via LinkedIn. Drop them a line ahead of the event and introduce yourself and your business.

  • Profiling your business on our platform takes around 1 minute. We just need a few details on your business, industry and financials.
  • Once you have a profile you can find an algorithmically matched investor from our platform, where we have over 470 who we score against your business proposition.
  • Choose your best matches, and we give you all the information you could need to research and contact them.

The algorithm on our platform is constantly updated and we are always adding more data points to improve company matches. In a few short moments, the engine will score your business against all the investors and score them in order of relevance to your company – it is as simple as that.

Watch our video to see how Match Capital Works


Match Capital is a platform algorithmically connecting entrepreneurs with relevant investors.

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