Meet the Investors Looking for Startups in Software and Big Data


Calling all investment hungry startups. This week we have another smorgasbord of new investors looking for the next big thing in software, mobile, big data and waste reduction. So, if you’re upwardly mobile or environmentally conscious, we might just have the perfect match for you.

Joining our 800+ strong investor group this week is…


Structure Capital

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Structure Capital is not your typical investment team. As ‘architects of the zero waste economy’, this relatively new team of seed-stage investors focuses on companies which strive to eliminate waste by creating significant value from under-utilised resources, such as cars, houses, planes, airports and storage. This San Francisco-based investor is also excited to hear from service providers which support such companies.

Structure Capital’s portfolio currently includes Uber, Surf Air, Boatbound and Breather.


Lough Shore Investments


This Belfast-based investor is looking for established and promising web, mobile and enterprise companies to build into great businesses. Lough Shore plans to bring ten companies, primarily based in Northern Ireland and Ireland, to exit or initial public offering (IPO) by 2025. Ideally, Lough Shore would be the first investor in a business with a strong desire to exit to a blue-chip company operating in the same sector.



SOS Ventures


Perhaps SOS Ventures is more your cup of tea? This Cork-based investor is looking for promising technology startups in Europe, Asia and the US, offering seed, venture and growth-stage funding to support businesses at every stage of their development. SOS Ventures is a prolific investor, offering £50k to £5million to more than 40 startups every year.


JK&B Capital


This Chicago-based investor is looking for opportunities in the IT, communications and healthcare sectors in the North American market. JK&B currently has $1.1billion of capital under management and is typically the lead investor in a funding round. Current portfolio companies include those in software (security, infrastructure, and applications), communications (systems and components, semiconductors, and infrastructure software and services), and healthcare (medical systems and pharmaceuticals).


iNovia Capital


The last of this week’s new investors is iNovia Capital, a Canadian investor specialising in small seed and early-stage investments in consumer internet, ecommerce and SaaS companies. iNovia is looking for startups which require limited capital to reach value creating milestones. It can follow-on in later rounds with capital to scale businesses and accelerate their growth.

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