Meet the Investors Looking for Startups in Technology-Led Sectors


A very warm welcome to the second instalment of our new Meet the Investors feature, where we introduce you to the new additions to our 800+ investors already on the lookout for their perfect match. This week we have a tech-heavy selection of investors seeking opportunities in a diverse range of industry sectors, including mobile, genomics, life science and more.

So without further ado, let’s introduce the investors!

Force Over Mass Capital

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Force Over Mass Capital (FOCM) has spent the last 15 months building relationships in the UK tech community and is now looking to create a portfolio of innovative software and hardware startups. FOCM is seeking early stage opportunities in a diverse range of sectors, including: fintech, ecommerce, life science, health and wellness, collaboration and project management, gaming, social and business intelligence.

Invoke Capital


Headquartered in London, Invoke Capital is the only technology investment and advisory company in Europe with a dedicated, in-house R&D division. It is best suited to accelerating the growth of early stage companies and is currently looking for opportunities in genomics, security, pattern recognition, signal processing and big data.


Millenium Technology Value Partners


Millennium made its name investing in world leading technology companies, providing the capital startups need for growth, debt financing and secondary liquidity. Millennium is a worldwide leader in secondary investing and backs firms in the communications, digital media, payments and fintech space. This New York based investor has completed more than 300 investments to date, including: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Hootsuite.


Giza Venture Capital


Giza Venture Capital invests in seed and early stage Israeli technology companies from a variety of sectors, including: internet/mobile/media, information technology, the life sciences and clean technology. Giza is primarily interested in product and service areas where there’s a definable market and outstanding potential for growth


Nexit Ventures

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This high-tech venture capitalist is focused on investments in mobile and wireless innovation in Nordic and US-based companies with products and services for the global market. Investments are made at early and more mature stages of a company’s development and range from core components and enabling middleware to applications and services.

Shortcut Ventures


From their office in Hamburg, Shortcut Ventures is on the lookout for startups with a focus on the German, European and American markets. They like to make early or growth stage investments in startups that combine the best of media, IT and telecommunications.

ProVenture Management

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.49.34

ProVenture is a Norwegian based investor looking to make early stage investments in technology companies in the oil and gas industry. By combining its experience within oil, gas and technology, ProVenture hopes to take an active role in Norwegian startups with international potential. ProVenture only invests in startups that are yet to make any commercial sales.

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