Guest Blog: PRODDIO


In our latest guest blog, we hear from PRODDIO, project management consultants with a difference.




PRODDIO help SME’s to bring their ideas to life, as well as helping them gain access UK & EU funding. A prime example of funding available for SME’s is the EU Innovation Voucher worth up to £5,000, which can be used to pay for an external expert to help your business grow. This is a great EU scheme, backed by the government which can give you up to £5,000 with no matching – effectively 100% funded.

You can use this expert to get advice on a business idea or to use design within your business. You can also ask them to help you make the most of intellectual property (IP). You can also use Innovation Vouchers to fund specialist equipment or facilities.


You could use the scheme to fund the following:

  • Product and material testing
  • Consultancy
  • Pay for IP advice so long as it’s within the UK, e.g. application for a UK patent
  • Support from universities or colleges
  • Research and technology institutes

If you have a business idea in mind that has great potential (i.e. it will safe-guard jobs and/or have the potential to increase sales and create new jobs) but also face a considerable challenge to get the business up and running, this scheme is ideal for you. It is also suited to those who have created a new product or service and want some advice on IP.


To qualify for an Innovation Voucher you must:

  • be starting up or running a micro, small or medium-sized business in the UK
  • have not worked with this expert before
  • need help with something that’s a real challenge for your business (i.e. not just a small improvement or change)
  • have not had an Innovation Voucher from Innovate UK or the Technology Strategy Board before

Unsure if your business is an SME? You can check the European definition of an SME online here.

It is also important to note that you cannot use this funding for:

  • staff training
  • equipment
  • off-the-shelf software
  • marketing or branding items
  • standard business advice

This fund cannot be given to a sole trader, family member or an organisation you own/have a financial interest in.

PRODDIO have helped countless companies through complex application processes for UK & EU funding to help them gain access to extra capital.

Contact PRODDIO to help your SME access £5,000 of vouchers today. Email: for more information.

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